Letoya wishes Riky Rick well despite lash-out from his fans

By Drum Digital
14 March 2017

Generations: The Legacy star Letoya Makhene has wished her fellow label star Riky Rick and his family well following his resignation from Mabala Noise Entertainment.

She tweeted: "Sending you (Riky Rick), Bianca and the kids my warmest love. Can’t say that I won’t miss you, but I’m always happy for anyone who has the heart to bravely be on the path that God has set out for them! Love & LightX”, Letoya tweeted to Riky Rick.  

This is after the actress and traditional healer got dragged into the controversy, with one Twitter user saying: “@letayamakhene is part of Mabala Noise. Her witchcraft is the reason this company will never see the end of day! All the best @rickyrick”. Letoya swiftly defended herself. She clapped back by saying: “Ain't nothing that anyone can say that’ll change how I feel about my gifted path! #DealWithIT," she said. We are happy that Letoya took it lightly and instead wished the Kotini hit-maker well with his family. She tweeted: “Yoh Ricky . . . your fans mara. Bo dom bo bo kana? Anyway, my brother . . . Love to you and your beautiful fam.”  

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