Let’s make it

By Drum Digital
12 April 2014

Little hands love getting messy and creating their own unique works of art. These projects are simple enough to keep kids entertained and so much fun moms will want to join in.

Mini flags

Cut eight 21x15 cm rectangles from fabric of your choice (offcuts are ideal). Fold over 2 cm on one of the short sides and stitch down – make sure you help little kids with this. Decorate your flags with iron-on badges. Thread a ribbon through the hems and hang a strip of flags on your bedroom wall.

Pet rock

Use Pratley Quickset Clear Glue to attach smaller pebbles to a bigger one for feet and a beak. Hold in place until the glue has set. Paint your pet with poster paint. You can also make other pets – for example to make a dog glue together two bigger pebbles to form a head and body. Add smaller ones for feet and ears. Use a pipe cleaner for the tail.

Woven place mat

Use A4 cardboard or standard-size scrapbook paper as the base. Measure and mark a border (2-3 cm) on the back of the cardboard. Keeping within the border, cut slits 3 cm apart lengthways across the cardboard. Weave ribbon of various colours through the slits and secure with sticky tape at the back.

TIP: Have the place mat laminated to make it waterproof and protect it from spills.

Egg-carton insects

Cut out the cup parts of egg cartons. Glue them together to get the shape you want. For example glue two cups together for the ladybird and for each segment of the bee. Paint them in colours of your choice. Make small holes in the cups and stick pipe cleaners through for legs and antennae. Use cardboard and tissue paper to make wings and glue them in place. Stick on bead eyes and paint tiny mouths.

Potato-print T-shirt

Make a fan T-shirt. Cut a potato in half and draw the desired shape (or letter) on the cut surface of the potato using a pencil or marker pen (see tip below). Cut around this shape with a kitchen knife, leaving the design raised on the surface of the potato – be sure to help little kids with this. Pour fabric paint into a saucer and dab the potato stamp in it to evenly cover the whole design. Place a plastic bag inside the T-shirt to prevent paint seeping through to the back and print the image on the front by pressing the stamp onto the fabric.

TIP: Try your potato stamp on a piece of paper before you print it on your T-shirt. Remember to cut out a mirror image of letters on the potato otherwise they’ll be the wrong way around. Iron the fabric paint on the T-shirt to make it permanent.

- Shelly Bergh

Pictures: Misha Miles

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