Lexi’s Twitter war with best friend gets messy

By Qhama Dayile
19 August 2016

Former Big Brother contestants Mandla Hlatshwayo and Lexi van Niekerk have been receiving high ratings on the second season of their self-titled reality show on Mzansi magic.

On Wednesday‘s episode, Lexi had an altercation with one of her former best friends Linda Matsolo on her being too close to Lexi’s boyfriend Mandla, feeding him with unnecessary information about her as well as flirting with Mandla.

The disagreement became so heated that Lexi lost control and became physical with Linda.

On the same night, Lexi went to Twitter, 30 minutes before the show aired to and started expressing her outrage and directing it to Linda.

Some of Lexi’s followers accused her of attention seeking, and desperate for ratings as the episode had been shot weeks in advance.

Lexi replied saying, "Ratings for what? I don't do things for fame. You and the rest don't know me.” lexi In an interview with Channel 24 Linda commented saying, “I feel like I have been bullied on social media in an apparent attempt to boost ratings for the TV show. I believe that there are other ways to handle things and I am staying off social media and seeking legal advice.”

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