Life is good for Andile Gaelesiwe

By Drum Digital
03 September 2013

Andile Gaelesiwe is used to attention but lately there’ve been some nasty rumours. She opens up to us about her divorce, allegations of alcohol abuse and turning 40

When Khumbul’ekhaya’s Andile Gaelesiwe walks into a room, the boisterous presenter always commands attention. It’s not just her blonde mane that draws stares but her loud and bold manner. This is a woman who enjoys a good party and she’s often seen dancing energetically with a glass in her hand.

This sort of behaviour has drawn unwelcome attention to the Soweto-born presenter, with some people even suggesting she has a drinking problem. When we meet up with Andile at Moyo at Zoo Lake, Joburg, she doesn’t look like a woman about to turn 40, let alone one with a drinking problem.

“I’m content and I’m at peace with myself,” she confides. She says her youthful looks may be due to good genes inherited from her mother, Dolly. “She recently turned 60 and is ageing so gracefully.”

A few months ago, DRUM travelled with Andile and other A-list celebs on the Loliwe Train from Pretoria to Durban for the Durban July horse race. During the eight-hour trip Andile partied, as most did, like there was no tomorrow.

Speaking for the first time about her drinking escapades, Andile says she wants to set the record straight. “I might be seen as a drunkard, but I know how I look when I’m drunk and I’m always conscious of the things I do when I’m tipsy,” she says with irritation.

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