Lil' Kim denies reports she's planning new Nicki Minaj diss track

By Drum Digital
01 March 2017

Lil' Kim has silenced rumours she and Remy Ma are collaborating on a diss track aimed at fellow rapper Nicki Minaj


Remy released shETHER, a six-minute track dedicated solely to ripping the Pinkprint rapper to shreds, over the weekend (25Feb17). It was written as a response to Gucci Mane's new tune Make Love, in which featured artist Minaj took it upon herself to refer to her peer as a "flopped" wannabe hip hop queen.

Since Lil' Kim has also had her fair share of beef with Minaj - a feud incited when Nicki slammed the Crush on You legend in her 2003 song Hoodstars - reports have leaked suggesting the Junior M.A.F.I.A. emcee plans to team up with Remy on a joint diss track, aimed at the Bang Bang chart-topper.

But Lil' Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, has set the record straight in a new interview with Billboard, explaining she has absolutely no interest whatsoever in joining the Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj war of words.

"We all know the situation that’s going on with Remy and ol’ girl (Minaj)," the 42-year-old explains. "That’s their situation and I have nothing to do with that. They have a rumour out there like, 'Kim is gonna do a diss track with Remy'. First of all, let me tell you this. Number one: y’all giving ol’ girl too much credit.

"I’m not even thinking about that. I’m not even thinking about ol’ girl! I’m so far past that. That’s never on my mind. Ever. Ol’ girl has never been on my mind for a long a** time at all. So I hate the fact of that being in the equation."

But Lil' Kim has given props to Remy Ma for her diss track, calling ShETHER "so hard" and "just good hip-hop music".

Meanwhile, Lil' Kim insists she has already squashed her beef with Nicki, noting, "When I had my situation and my situation came up, I handled my business."

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