Lillian Dube remembers Joe Mafela

By Molife Kumona
20 March 2017

I am so sad- Lillian

They had been friends and colleagues for decades and that is why when veteran actress Lillian Dube heard of her friend legendary actor Joe Mafela's passing, she was distraught. Lillian's pain was made worse by the fact that she didn't see it coming, especially given the fact that she and Joe had spent the last night of his life together.

"I was with Joe and we were at Goldreef City and he was telling me how happy he is because he's taking his wife on a cruise and that the wife is very excited," Lillian explained to ENCA.

"On Sunday morning when I got a phone call that he has passed on, I said 'No it can't be him' because he's on a cruise, he's on a cruise, it can't be him!," a distraught Lillian said.

Lillian received the news via the phone call and later on a friend of her's confirmed Joe's death through an SMS.

"He was the happiest on Saturday when we were talking. So for me I cannot believe it but what I want everyone to know is that he was very happy when I last saw him," Lillian recalls.

Lillian says Joe was a friend she had loved and known for the longest time and she is saddened by his death.

"I've known Joe forever, he was such a loving human being, he was so generous, I'm so sad, I don't want to believe it," she explained.

Joe had been in the entertainemnt industry for over three decades and he was 75 at the time of his death.

Source: ENCA

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