Limpopo chiefs seek better pay

By Drum Digital
30 May 2012

Traditional leaders in Limpopo and the African People's Convention will march to the premier's office over their "shameful" income, the APC said on Wednesday.

Party leader Themba Godi said his party would lead the "historic, unprecedented march" scheduled for Thursday.

"We are leading the march tomorrow to say enough is enough. Traditional leaders live in poverty and their families are destitute."

Godi said the demands included an increase in the pay of junior traditional leaders from R13,000 a year to a minimum of R71,000.

The protesters would demand that junior traditional leaders be awarded an opportunity to fully participate in the Houses of Traditional Leaders, he said.

"We have prepared ourselves for a peaceful march; and our demands are reasonable and long outstanding. They (traditional leaders) deserve salaries with full benefits, not stipends," he said.

Godi said the planned march was a clear sign that the traditional leaders were now ready to "break ranks, defy and challenge" the government and the ANC "after years of fear, neglect and hesitancy".

The party accused the political leaders of the Limpopo government of lacking integrity and being dishonest.

"The provincial government has been tested and found wanting. The political leadership lack integrity, honesty and uprightness of character," said the statement.

Godi said his party's role in the protest would be to give "political guidance and leadership".

Efforts to get comment from the Limpopo government were unsuccessful.

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