Lindiwe's Choice

By Drum Digital
13 March 2014

Lindiwe is still in love with her ex Senzo.

“You’re early today,” her mom said. “We’ve got to shop for a wedding dress soon.”

Lindiwe sighed, “I’m sure we can do that next weekend. I’ve been so busy.”

“You don’t sound very enthusiastic,” her mother said. Lindiwe couldn’t gather the courage to tell her mom about her dilemma.

“I’m off to see Nonzwi,” Lindiwe announced after some time. She needed someone to talk to about what was going on in her life.

“Okay,” her mom said.

Lindiwe found Nonzwi sipping tea.

“Guess who’s back in town? Lindiwe asked happily.

“Beyoncé?” Nonzwi joked.

“Senzo is back,” Lindiwe said.

“That’s bad news,” Nonzwi said. “So why are you excited?”

“He says he still loves me.”

“Joke of the year, for sure,” Nonzwi said.

“He’s not serious. Not after the way he treated you. He’s got a cheek, thinking he can come into your life just like that. Don’t tell me you’re considering going back to him.”

“I’m confused! I don’t know what to do.”

“Run a mile,” Nonzwi said. “You’re engaged to a man who can make your dreams come true. What’s your problem?”

“I love Khulani, but in a way I still love Senzo too.”

Nonzwi couldn’t hide her surprise. “Well then the last thing you should be doing is thinking about getting married!” she said.

“I know.” Lindiwe groaned. “What shall I do?”

“That’s a decision you’ll have to make by yourself,” Nonzwi advised.

“Oh, how did I get myself in such a mess?”

“How about making a choice?”

“That’s difficult,” Lindiwe said.

“Who ever said growing up was easy,” Nonzwi replied. “Senzo is your ex for a reason. I doubt he’ll be around for long.”

“But he’s so sexy and I adore him,” Lindiwe said. “What if he really has changed?”

“You’re behaving badly towards both these men,” Nonzwi said. “You’re planning to cheat on the man who wants to marry you by having an affair with a man who doesn’t seem to want any future with you.

“It seems to me you don’t know what you want. You’re always demanding absolute commitment from your boyfriends, but you’re not willing to live by the same rules.”

“Do you think I’m not ready for marriage?” Lindiwe asked.

“Some girls are ready to marry at 21 or at 22 but I doubt you’re one of them.”

“Don’t be so cruel,” Lindiwe said. “Why do you say that?”

“For starters, some girls can handle a big age difference. But you and Khulani are at different stages in life. At 35, he’s been around and now wants to settle down. He thinks he has met the ideal girl. It’s just too bad for him that you’re just not at the same stage in life.”

-by Eli Sibanda

To be continued...

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