Lindiwe's Choice 2/4

By Drum Digital
12 March 2014

Was Lindiwe mad to play a game with two men?

Two hours later Lindiwe was back at her flat. The call from Senzo had brought back good memories.

Deep down she knew that she’d never stopped loving Senzo. He was passionate, a free spirit and someone with whom Lindiwe could easily identify.

She’d been devastated when he broke up with her. But now he was showing an interest again.

Surely, there was no harm in her seeing an old flame one last time? But what if Khulani found out?

Lindiwe’s conscience tortured her but she didn’t want to worry about all that now.

To meet Senzo she changed her clothes, choosing her outfit carefully and spraying on her expensive perfume – yet another gift from Khulani.

She’d chosen a short black number and some brand new stilettos. And for once, Senzo was on time.

“You look great!” he said, hugging her. Lindiwe didn’t resist. His touch brought back intense feelings.

“He must be loaded – if he can provide for your expensive tastes,” Khulani said after they’d updated each other about their lives.

“Sure, but he’s also loving and considerate. And he’s not the type to walk out on me because he’s afraid of commitment,” Lindiwe said pointedly.

“Ouch! I’m sorry for deserting you babe. I was scared of commitment,” Senzo said.

“But now I know what I want. I need you. Please give me another chance.”

“Senzo it’s too late. I’ll be getting married soon,” Lindiwe showed off her engagement ring. “You and I are history.”

“You said you’d never be able to love anyone but me,” Senzo reminded her.

“You’re not in love with him – he’s 35 and you’re 21. Whatever can you have in common with a man 14 years your senior?

I love you, Lindiwe. Don’t make the mistake of marrying someone you don’t love.”

“Age is just a number,” Lindiwe fumed.

And how do you know I don’t love Khulani? Are you a mind reader?”

“I know you too well,” Senzo said. “You’re just with him for the security he can give you. He’s played the field and now he wants to settle down.

Do you think you’re ready for that? Be with me and let’s enjoy our time together. There’ll always be time for marriage later.”

“You’re still a playboy Senzo,” she accused. “But Khulani loves me and wants us to start a family.”

“You may be able to fool everyone else, but not me,” Senzo said. “You’re unhappy.

I know you still love me – otherwise you wouldn’t have come here today.”

“Coming here was a mistake,” said Lindiwe as she prepared to leave. Senzo grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s meet again tomorrow. Same time, same place.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said, then left.

As she drove home Lindiwe thought about Senzo. Seeing him had made her long for him again. With Khulani she felt safe and well provided for, but there was no strong connection.

With Senzo, however, their love had been passionate and exciting. They had so much in common.

She sometimes battled to understand Khulani and didn’t like his conservative view of life. She’d agreed to marry him even though deep down she had a few doubts about marrying him.

And now she couldn’t wait to see Senzo again. She felt guilty when she realised she was about to cheat on Khulani.

That was not a good way to start a marriage, but something inside her couldn’t resist Senzo.

-by Eli Sibanda

To be continued...

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