Lira is in an Empire State of Mind

By Drum Digital
02 February 2012

Her voice is heavenly, her character graceful and her image squeaky clean, but Lira is no pushover. And as if to prove the point, she’s refusing to accept insulting accusations that last year she was copying the country’s favourite newcomer, Zahara, by playing the guitar.

“Oh, come on,” she says, “ that’s just out of order. I’ve met Zahara and there’s no reason to compare us.

I can honestly say there’s no beef between us. People just like to create unnecessary drama. It’s a pity that as Africans we’re still of the view that one person’s success must lead to another’s demise.”

However it’s really the 32-year-old star’s husband and business partner, Robin Kohl, who was most upset by the allegations. “Lee (Lira) has always played the guitar,” says the award-winning producer who married Lira in an intimate ceremony in Mauritius in 2009.

“Plus we’d been preparing for her tour and also did performances in which she played the guitar for over a year before Zahara was even around. I get irritated that people can buy into such rumours.”

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