Lira on how she has been debt free for the last decade

By Drum Digital
11 July 2017

Lira says her mother's advice helped her be debt free

Multi-award winning singer and songwriter Lira says she has been debt free for the last decade. Lira says she learned to live debt free from her mother who gave her the best advice. "My mother told me that you shouldn’t take debt and live for debt, even if you have R50 for as long as its your own money," Lira said on Let's Do Lunch with Thembisa on TouchHD.

Lira said that her mother said that she shouldn't work to live for paying off debt but her money should be for living her life. "That advice changed my life and ever since then I followed that advice and I have been living debt free," Lira explained.

Lira also explained how she initially wanted to be in the music industry for five years, but 13 years later she is giving us great music.

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