Lira's 'diva' drama

By Drum Digital
09 December 2016

She may be a multi-award-winning singing sensation, but fans waiting backstage at a recent show were unimpressed with LIRA’S “diva tendencies”

At the Reconciliation Festival at Carnival City Gardens in Brakpan, the star stayed in her van most of the time and only came out when she had to perform.

On her way to the stage she was escorted by four security guards who blocked fans looking for photo opportunities with her. ‘’I can’t believe how she dissed us when we wanted to have our photographs taken with her,” bemoaned one fan.

Another fan compared her to other, friendlier performers at the show: “When Zahara and Zonke were here they didn’t lock themselves in their vans, they mingled with people and took plenty of pictures.”

Speaking to DRUM, one of the security guards at the entrance of the backstage area said that when Lira arrived she was unhappy about the size of the crowd backstage. “She asked why there were so many people backstage and she didn’t seem impressed by the numbers,” the guard said.

“Maybe that’s why she stayed in her van until just before her performance.” But just as Lira was about to be officially branded a diva, the star redeemed herself, posing for pics with fans as soon as she came off stage.

The star explained that she usually tries to stay focused before a performance so that she gives her best.

“The pictures usually happen after the performance,” Lira assured her fans.

In just a few minutes the people who had called her a diva took back their words. “I guess we judged her too early, she was so cool and the selfies we took were great,” a fan said.

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