Living the best life by Bra Mo

By Drum Digital
11 September 2012

One day you are going to die. No one knows the day or the hour, but it is going to happen. It might be tomorrow when a drunk driver slams into you and then, poof, your life is over. It might be in five years after you have contracted an incurable disease or it could be in 30 years when your body just shrivels up and withers away.

When the day comes perhaps several thoughts will go through your mind. You may realise the grudge you’ve had with a family member that has been a complete waste of time. You will certainly not miss the repayments on your flashy car that had a built in DVD player with a surround sound system so sophisticated it would have made a dictator envious.

However, as death slowly approaches, you will regret that you will never hear your children’s laughter. You will regret that you will never feel the warmth of your wife’s body against you as you lie asleep in bed. On the other hand, you may probably not miss the times you hung out at your local sport bar drinking yourself into a stupor.

On balance, therefore, you will certainly regret that there were times when you could have changed your priorities, but didn’t.

The pursuit of materialism has tarnished our society and we have been force-fed a diet of consumer products spewed to us through our televisions. We have to open our eyes and see through the artificial glitter that festers in our lives.

I am horrified by the elaborate cruelty men perpetrate on each other. I am shocked by the way we treat women as sex objects and violate them to satisfy our lust. There is this great evil that is destroying men’s lives. Where does it come from? How did it steal into our world? This evil is robbing us of upstanding fathers, righteous brothers who protect their sister siblings and shield their wives and girlfriends from harm.

In some parts of Africa when a boy is born the village wise-man will hoist him up and introduce him to the village and the ancestors. He will proclaim him to be a provider and protector of the community. We have somehow lost our moral fibre that we intrinsically knew we had, but has sadly eroded away with the passing of time.

If, as a man, you have raised your hand to your spouse, go back and apologise. If you have scared your children and emotionally driven them away from you, seek their forgiveness. Go back to your spouse and children and tell them you want to strive to be a better person. Tell them that you want to go back to being the man you are supposed to be.


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