Lloyd Cele & wife lose baby

By Drum Digital
12 December 2014

Lloyd Cele’s wife Janice suffers a miscarriage, on Thursday with three weeks to go.

Our deepest sympathies are with Lloyd Cele and his wife Janice. Janice had a miscarriage on Thursday with just three weeks to go. The umbilical cord was wrapped around baby and the baby girl choked.  

Janice will be in hospital until Saturday as she has to be monitored after the procedure.

Said Lloyd’s music manager and founder of Respect Music Roy Harman: “Because the baby was close to birth it has to be treated like a death of a born baby according to SA law from what Lloyd explains, and there will be a funeral held on 12th December. I spoke to Lloyd and we felt it was right to just let DRUM know… because you have mentioned the baby in the publication.”

Our deepest sympathies are with Lloyd and his wife Janice, their family and close friends.

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