Load shedding (1/7)

By Drum Digital
29 June 2015

Love can stage an unplanned blackout – just like Eskom

George reached out from under the covers and silenced the alarm. After giving his throbbing head a moment of silence, he got out of bed. He tripped on a pile of dirty clothes but made it to the kitchen. In the sink was a bowl that had been soaking, perhaps for days. Rinsing it, he added cornflakes plus milk out of the fridge. He found a spoon which he wiped on his boxers. But the milk was off, so he spat out the first sickening mouthful and laid the bowl aside.

George wasn’t very hungry, anyway. He’d been out with the boys all night and had a slight hangover. He wasn’t proud of himself nor of the state of the flat. He’d let it get that way because there was no point any more in a place that wasn’t a home, just somewhere to sleep. His personal standards had gone to pot since Lerato had left, and as time went by he was more inclined to blame himself.

He’d forgotten to turn on the geyser and didn’t fancy a cold shower – so he splashed on excessive deodorant.

To be continued...

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