Load shedding (3/7)

By Drum Digital
01 July 2015

Love can stage an unplanned blackout – just like Eskom.

He was left with a flat like a pigsty, a headache and an eternity of dull days. Luckily the lift was already waiting for him on the 15th floor. He stepped inside and hit the G button. The lift started to descend, then stopped on the unlucky 13th floor. The squeaky metal door opened to reveal a girl. His heart froze, as he pleaded with the heavens above, “No, no, no – not her, anybody but her!”

For it was none other than Lerato, the girl whose heart he’d broken. She entered the lift and the two stood side by side in awkward silence as the lift made its way downwards. Then it stopped suddenly and the lights went out.

Trapped in the pitch-dark tin box with the man who had used her faithful heart as a plaything, Lerato heard George gasp. There was a thump as his bag slid off his shoulder and fell to the floor. He began to pant deeply and said, “I can’t breathe!” She heard his fists pounding the door. “Help!” he screamed.

To be continued...

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