Load shedding (5/7)

By Drum Digital
03 July 2015

Love can stage an unplanned blackout – just like Eskom.

It’s going to be okay soon. Count to 10 slowly.” His breathing slowed the more Lerato spoke. And he was almost calm after they heard voices beyond the door and what sounded like the clatter of tools. Lerato switched off her phone and inwardly remarked, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” She thought, “Here I am, trapped in a tin box trying to comfort a man I worshipped, a man who used me and callously discarded me like a dead dog.”

The thought made her angry and she pounded at him in the dark, each blow feeling better than the last. Until she told herself, “Pull yourself together, Lerato. It’s over now.” Wiping away her tears, she sat in silence.

“Why did you do it?”

When he said nothing, she went on. “I don’t care why you did it; I just want to know why it had to be her – why Ayanda?” She was thinking of the two years they’d spent together in a loving relationship.

To be continued...

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