Load shedding (6/7)

By Drum Digital
03 July 2015

Love can stage an unplanned blackout – just like Eskom.

He was her first love, the only love she knew and it had been shattered by her best friend. And now, after a mere two months, when she was still licking her wounds, she’d been forced to confront him. over again.

He leaned in closer and their noses touched, her breathing became shallow. The lights flickered on and the elevator croaked into life again. “What is it?” she asked, smiling at the wide-eyed way he was looking at her. “Lerato …” George moaned. “Yes?” The ping sounded as the lift reached the ground floor. “Gotta go …” Pushing her away from his face and barging out of the lift, he ran through the entrance hall to the main glass doors, pushed them open, ran out into the rain and lay on the grass.

She saw him flat on his back, breathing deeply. He took no notice of Lerato as she left, with tears and rain running down her face. She dried them at work and went on with her day.

To be continued...

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