Loan against your valuables

By Drum Digital
23 May 2017

Put your valuables up as collateral to get a 30-day loan with Pawn Express

Long weekends and holidays mean more time with your family and friends, which is not always good news for the budget.

If the recent string of long weekends has left a hole in your wallet, there’s no reason to panic. With a fast, safe and secure loan from Pawn Express, you can apply for a 30-day loan using your own valuables as collateral.

There’s no red tape or waiting in queues. The application process can be done online and you’ll receive an estimated loan value instantly.

Pawn Express is proudly brought to you by Cash Crusaders. Once your application has been processed, a friendly Cash Crusaders buyer will contact you to arrange for you to collect your cash from your chosen Cash Crusaders store.

 The benefits:

  • The loan is secured against your own valuables.
  • More valuables can be added if you want to increase the loan amount.
  • The easy application process is completed online.
  • No bank statements or credit checks needed.
  • You can access up to R8 000.
  • Your goods are stored safely and securely for the duration of your loan.

 How to apply:

  • Register at
  • Pawn Express loans are available for a 30-day lending period.
  • You may apply for a minimum of R1 000 and maximum of R8 000 per loan transaction.
  • Describe your item or items that you wish to loan cash against. You have the option to upload photographs of your item/s, for a more accurate loan valuation.
  • You must be 21 years or older to apply.


Cash Crusaders is a fully registered member of the National Credit Regulator. Stay up to date with news by liking us Facebook or for more information about Pawn Express visit

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