Local government elections

By Drum Digital
20 April 2011

AFTER years of asking for tarred roads and better sewerage services in Intabazwe township near Harrismith in the Free State, residents had had enough and decided to take to the streets on 29 August 2004. This was the first service delivery protest of the democratic era.

The number of protestors swelled as schoolchildren, grandmothers and grandfathers fell in behind the marchers and they closed the roads around the township and marched towards the N3 highway. Seventeenyear- old protester Tebogo Mkhonza was shot by police that day and died some days later.

It was a turning point in our history as residents had decided their leaders at local level had not served them well in their dream for a better life. All of a sudden South Africa had a whole new struggle on its hands – a struggle that ever since has increasingly played itself out in the very place where ordinary citizens feel it most... in our homes, streets and neighbourhoods.

Read the article in the Drum of 5 May 2011 – and share your views below.

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