Locked down on Monday evenings

By Drum Digital
21 February 2017

Monday evenings are no longer the same since Lockdown, a drama series on Mzansi Magic, took the 8 pm slot

By Khosi Biyela


The number one trending drama on social media at that prime time slot is #Lockdown as people are glued to their TV screens for yet another gripping episode of the drama.  And now viewers want more as they believe it is too good to be once a week only.

There is always a new twist and a fascinating plot with prisoners that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and it does not help that the actors are brilliant. Last week, MaZet (Dawn Thandeka King) and Slenda (Nomsa Buthelezi) escaped from prison, leaving Monde (Zola Nombona) behind.  Slenda jumped off the roof and died.  MaZet is the only one who got her freedom. She made escaping from prison look a lot easier, but don’t be fooled, it is still a drama.

In yet another twist, yesterday Mazet’s daughter was also locked up in the same prison her mother escaped from. Talk about following on her mother’s footsteps. She is going to be bait. But she has no idea what she has exposed herself to and that her mother is already on the outside.

This is what fans had to say on Twitter:

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