Looting continues in KwaMashu

By Drum Digital
13 April 2015

The looting of shops in KwaMashu continued on Monday morning, following an outbreak of overnight violence aimed at foreign-owned businesses.

Shenge's Supermarket on Thula Road in A section was seen by a News24 reporter being stripped bare, while a group of men carried out metal from inside.

A row of Coca-Cola machines lay outside the shop - some of which were partially stripped.

An elderly woman, half-hidden behind a door gestured for the reporter to leave urgently.

On nearby Musa Road, a group of people stood and watched as several men removed metal from what appeared to be a butchery.

A police van drove slowly past the scene, and carried on.

The officer did not stop after being signalled by the reporter.

Police said earlier that 28 people were arrested after foreign-owned shops were looted and burn down in KwaMashu on Sunday night.

The Inkatha Freedom Party said the police were overrun during the violence by a "mob of thousands".



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