Love and music for Lulu Dikana

By Drum Digital
07 June 2012

It may sound clichéd to say the music lives within her but when it comes to this talented singer, the old saying is certainly true. Her formidable talent and moving lyrics make it hard not to fall in love with her. Lungisa Dikana, known as Lulu, exudes soulfulness.

The quiet of the Melon Restaurant in Melville, Joburg, is suddenly filled with colour, laughter and chatter as Lulu, who is in her thirties, arrives. If you don’t know her, you could easily mistake her for another great singing talent – Lerato Molapo aka Lira.

The likeness is astonishing and the two could easily be mistaken for sisters. “A lot of people mistake me for her,” Lulu laughs, confirming our thoughts.

She recalls an occasion when both of them were performing at the Macufe music festival and when she walked on stage, the audience thought she was Lira.

As with so many local artists, Lulu’s music career began in a church choir. She grew up in a musical home as her late father Vuyisile Viva Dikana was a great drummer and musician. He passed on his passion for music and his talent to his daughter and wholeheartedly supported her decision to become a singer.

Lulu’s talent extends beyond music however. Before focusing on music, she acted in a number of theatre productions. But after many struggles, she learned that it was virtually impossible to juggle both acting and music.

“I still love theatre and wish I hadn’t had to choose between the two,” she sighs.


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