Love blooms on Idols

By Drum Digital
14 September 2011

Nolly Meje (24) and Phaksy Mgomezulu (20) might have not walked away with the prize on Idols, but they certainly walked away with each other’s hearts. The two confirmed to Drum that they have been dating for the whole period they were competing on the completion, but didn’t want to tell anyone about it. The two young stars who won the hearts of thousands of SA and managed to go as far as the top ten, are head over heels in love and are as happy as ever.  The couple met while doing theatre performances at Sun City and they got along like a house on fire. It was not too long before they started dating. “He is so calm, quiet and a very good guy,” Nolly says telling Drum why she fell for the young lad. They managed to keep their relationship away from the media, but the two are now ready to talk about their relationship as they were both voted out in the top ten from the competition. “Our housemates knew about it, but we didn’t want the media to know about it, as we didn’t want it to overshadow us as contestants in the competition,” Nolly says. The two lovebirds who are staying in different provinces say it’s not easy being away from each other, but they will try and make it work.  “It’s a challenge being in a long distance relationship, but we’ve leant to live with it,” Phaksy says. They might have been voted out of the competition, but this has not stopped either of them from continuing with achieving their goals. Phaksy is back at university to finishing his Diploma in IT networking and Nolly is busy with her music career. Her single which she did with Miza Look of love is getting airplay and she is also planning to get back to TV very soon.

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