Love isn’t free – Valentines on a budget

By Drum Digital
11 February 2014

Love isn’t free and the Valentine’s costs add up with the usual gifts and romantic dinners.

Here are a few tips on cutting down on the costs this Valentine’s, but at the same time keep the day as romantic as possible.

Don’t buy flowers

The cost of flowers at Valentine’s shoots up because of high demand around this period.

“Rather than buying flowers why don’t you pick some from your garden or even buy a plant, a small pot plant is not very expensive and can last far longer than cut flowers.


Consider making your own card, if you have kids get them to help.

Try to think out of the box, there are lots of different ways of sending a message without the usual card, and some of them may just be more personal than the usual cheesy greeting card.

Rethink going out

Restaurants are usually packed on Valentine’s night and specialised Valentine dinner menus more expensive then the norm.

Skip the crowds and have your own special dinner, just the two of you.

Have a picnic on your balcony or in your back garden/yard.

Stay at home with your loved ones and this one Friday spend your time with them.

Long distance love

Send them a gift of airtime, or a voice note.

There are plenty of options for those wanting to send a special something this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t have to break the bank, and may get their heart racing.


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