Love thy neighbour (3/5)

By Drum Digital
25 February 2015

Nontle had always been a queen, compared to poor Nobantu.

I’m so proud of him. We couldn’t be happier. We’ve just come back from our annual holiday in Thailand and we’ve decided to renew our vows in October.

I’m so busy – that leaves me with only two months to get the final planning done!” Nobantu had a sour taste in her mouth. She couldn’t bear to listen to another word of Nontle’s bragging.

“Well, it was nice to see you. I suppose we’ll see each other around,” she said. She turned and headed back to her house before Nontle could say anything.

At home she flopped down on her bed, thinking about how rude and unpleasant Nontle was. She clearly hadn’t changed a bit since their school days. She was still the obnoxious girl she’d always been and hadn’t grown up at all. Yet Nobantu couldn’t help feeling a little resentful too. Nontle’s life seemed so fabulous and without any worries.

Over the next few days Nobantu kept thinking about her time in high school. Nontle had made her life a living hell, along with her good-for-nothing posse.

They were “it” girls in every sense of the word. Pretty, popular and pompous. If you didn’t belong to their clique, they treated you like an outsider. To be in the inner circle you had to always look drop-dead gorgeous, wear the latest fashions and be a hit with the guys. Nobantu didn’t fit into that mould.

She was a plain Jane who wore hand-me-downs and had no male attention coming her way. When Nobantu was in matric she caught the attention of the school’s young handyman – Lungelo. Needless to say, when she started dating Lungelo she became the laughing stock of the school.

Initially she’d also been a bit embarrassed by it, but as soon as she got to know him she changed her mind. Nontle had lived next door to Nobantu and her family.

She’d always pretended to be an angel in front of Nobantu’s parents and in their eyes she couldn’t put a foot wrong. She’d be nice enough to Nobantu at home but the minute they got to school she’d join her friends and make snide comments, teasing and taunting Nobantu every chance she got. Nontle’s posse had even more of a field day when word got around that Nobantu was pregnant.

They were in matric and the scandal was as juicy as it gets: little Miss Proper, Nobantu, was dropping out of school to have a baby.

Luckily Nobantu had Lungelo’s full support and they moved in together when Nobantu’s parents threw her out.

To be continued...

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