Love thy neighbour (4/5)

By Drum Digital
26 February 2015

Nontle had always been a queen, compared to poor Nobantu.

After their baby girl was born Lungelo encouraged her to go back to school and she passed matric with flying colours. He helped her register for a secretarial course and after she qualified she found a job as a receptionist. When Nobantu’s parents saw how well she was doing for herself despite having dropped out of school, they forgave her.

They regretted missing out on Babalwa’s early years but they more than made up for by it by showering her with love – and coming to accept Lungelo. When he saw that Nobantu’s parents had come around, Lungelo took the plunge and asked for his sweetheart’s hand in marriage. Under the circumstances Nobantu’s life hadn’t turned out badly, even though she missed having Babalwa around.

Her parents had insisted it was best that Babalwa live with them while Lungelo established his business and they settled into their new home.

It was certainly easier financially for them as they didn’t have to worry about paying for a nanny or daycare in the suburbs. Lungelo came home exhausted that night and had a bath while Nobantu prepared supper. Then they caught up on the events of the day and Lungelo told her about an impending business partnership with one of the top carpenters in the province.

Nobantu was thrilled – her husband had indeed come a long way. Worn out from the long day, he went to sleep as soon as he’d eaten. As she stood at the kitchen sink washing the dishes, Nobantu saw something she did not expect. It was Nontle, dashing out of her house with a bundle of clothes in her arms. She hurled it at a luxury sedan as the car drove off.

Clearly upset, Nontle fell to the ground in tears. Nobantu decided this was no time to hold a grudge. She couldn’t help but be moved by the sight of her neighbour sitting on the ground crying into her hands. She folded the dishcloth and went next door. “Nontle, are you okay?” “I’m fine.” “No, you’re not. I saw what happened. Was that your husband? Did you have a fight?” “

Mind your own damn business!” And with that Nontle got up, dusted herself off and strutted into her house. Nobantu was dumbfounded.

Back in her own house, she woke Lungelo up to tell him about it. Knowing full well how Nontle had looked down on him in the past, he wasn’t amused at having her as a neighbour and merely told his wife to stay out of her way.

 To be continued...

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