Love your weave

By Drum Digital
14 November 2013

The big DON'Ts when it comes to wearing a weave.

DON'T Forget about your natural hair

When you’re wearing various extensions, and applying and removing them, don’t be rough. Respecting your extensions and disrespecting your real hair will lead to baldness.

DON'T Pretend it's natural

There is no shame is wearing hair extensions, but there is when you pretend that your genes produced the amazing creation on your head. Be honest. You will fool some, but not all,

DON'T Let the extensions overstay their welcome

Eventually your hair extensions will be worn out. All the washing, drying, and styling will take it’s toll, leaving your hair extensions a shadow of their former selves. Don’t be the embarrassment of the town. Throw your extensions out!

DON'T Glue to your scalp

This method of applying hair extensions will lead to hair loss, because the glue will take off your hair with it, and skin irritation is a possibility.

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