Lovesick Prince (1/5)

By Drum Digital
16 February 2015

Lumka was engaged to Joe and not interested in Sipho’s persistent declarations of love. Or was she?

Lumka took one look at him and felt cross and agitated all over again. “my name’s Lumka, not Princess, and will you please stop harassing me because I am not, and never will be, interested in a man like you.” “Why not?” he asked, with that ever-present smile. “You’re just not my type. I am not your Princess. Full stop.” Lumka emphasised her point by wagging her finger at him.

Any decent, self-loving human being would have been discouraged by these harsh words which were accompanied by an angry look, but not Sipho. “To me, you are and always will be my Princess because I am a grandchild of the amaTshawe clan who gave birth to all the kings of the amaXhosa nation.

I am, therefore, a prince.” “I never knew there were princes in the city. You must be from the rural areas,” Lumka responded, trying to mock him. “From the minute I set eyes on you, I knew you were the one,” Sipho responded warmly despite Lumka’s frosty attitude. He continued to fold and pack his weekly laundry. “You are, therefore, my Princess and I am going to marry you.”

“How many times do I have to tell you I have a steady boyfriend? anyway, you are too old for me and you are not right for a girl like me!” Lumka replied. “am I the ugliest man you have ever seen?” Sipho asked with a look of surprise on his face. “You are definitely in my top three,”

Lumka replied, still fuming. Listening to their exchange, Lumka’s friend and colleague Nomhle burst out laughing. The two girls, who were both in their early twenties and studying at university, worked at the laundry on Saturday mornings. They’d often talked about Sipho and his persistent interest in Lumka.

From time to time they’d tried to analyse why the old man chased after young girls. Was he single or was he married? If he was married where was his wife while all this was going on?

Was he aiming to be Lumka’s sugar daddy?

Was he an honest man who was just blind to common ideas about age and ageing?

To be continued...

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