Lovesick Prince (2/5)

By Drum Digital
17 February 2015

Lumka was engaged to Joe and not interested in Sipho’s persistent declarations of love. Or was she?

Was he a psychologically unbalanced individual? Was he fighting off a mid-life crisis? Every week Sipho, who was in his early forties, would bring in his dirty laundry and chat to the girls as he waited for it to dry. It was mostly his dirty worker’s overalls. He never told the girls any important details about himself or what he did for a living.

His age, the dirty worker’s overalls he wore and the old battered bakkie that he drove did not endear him to the girls at all. “Bra Sirra, you are one persistent man. Every week you lift your finger to the flame and every week you get burnt. Why don’t you just give up?” Nomhle asked after she had stopped laughing. S

he could see that her friend was getting more and more impatient with this man who seemed to jump over every hurdle she put in his way. For some time now, their Saturdays had been marked by these mini-sessions at the laundry. Initially, Lumka’s insults were subtle and indirect but recently they’d become very pointed and hurtful.

But Sipho was undeterred. “When you love someone as much as I do, the feeling is so strong and intense that it cannot be dimmed by rejection,” he said, as he smiled and glanced in Lumka’s direction.

“Dream on – but please try and get a life!” Lumka retorted coldly as she went to serve another customer. But Sipho wasn’t like the other customers. He often ran errands for the girls, spoilt them with takeaway meals, collected and returned their library books and took them home when they needed a lift.

Once after hearing via Nomhle that Lumka’s favourite artist was John Legend he had sent her various John Legend CDs and DVDs for her birthday. Cool, calm Sipho, it seemed, was unflappable.

What was extraordinary about him was how he regularly expressed his strong feelings of love in spite of constant ridicule and insults. Lumka’s negative attitude and insults seemed to bounce off him.

And he refused to allow anything to distract him from declaring his undying love to Lumka. The lady in question however was deeply in love with someone else: Joe, the man of her dreams.

To be continued...

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