Lovesick Prince (3/5)

By Drum Digital
18 February 2015

Lumka was engaged to Joe and not interested in Sipho’s persistent declarations of love. Or was she?

She had no room at all in her heart for anyone else. Joe, a prominent Port Elizabeth soccer player, had recently been signed up to play for Mamelodi Sundowns in Pretoria.

Lumka’s world revolved around her studies and regular visits to Pretoria to see Joe. Six months after the start of the relationship, Joe proposed and as she was now officially engaged, she went to work sporting a huge, sparkling engagement ring. “My friend, Sipho is going to be devastated! I have yet to see a crazier man in love than that man,” Nomhle playfully warned her friend. “He can go to hell!

I don’t have even an ounce of love for that guy,” Lumka responded scornfully. “But can’t he be your funky urban prince with his undying love?” Nomhle asked laughingly. “Joe is my prince, finish and klaar!” replied Lumka. Lumka agreed, however, that it would be best if Nomhle told Sipho about the latest development.

So the following Saturday, Nomhle sat him down and told him Lumka was engaged. If she expected a dramatic outburst she was disappointed. Sipho accepted the news quite calmly.

He even congratulated and reassured her that if things didn’t work out, he remained in love with her. Then, the very next day, Sipho disappeared from their lives. He didn’t come back to the laundry or contact anyone else who worked there again.

The girls were mystified by his disappearance and they had to admit their Saturday mornings were empty without Sipho’s jovial presence and his declarations of love for Lumka. They wondered where he had gone. Clearly he had been terribly hurt by Lumka’s engagement and thought it would be better to stay away.

The wedding date was set for Christmas Day and the lobola negotiations were going smoothly. But as the time drew nearer, Nomhle noticed a change in her friend, a change she put down to wedding nerves. Lumka spoke less and less about her impending marriage and more and more about Sipho and how much she missed his love declarations.

Then Nomhle found herself wondering whether Lumka had fallen in love with Sipho. When she asked her friend if she had feelings for the older man, Lumka denied it vehemently and assured her that Joe was the guy for her.

To be continued...

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