Lovesick Prince (4/5)

By Drum Digital
19 February 2015

Lumka was engaged to Joe and not interested in Sipho’s persistent declarations of love. Or was she?

But Nomhle was not entirely convinced. Then, late one night, a group of fellow students was left stranded after a music concert at the university. It was raining cats and dogs.

A Good Samaritan stopped his brand-new kombi and gave them a lift. He first drove them to his plush house in the suburbs to get dry and have a meal. While they warmed up and waited for a pizza delivery, he introduced them to his extensive music collection which was young and funky and defied his age.

A lovely time was had by all. Then he took them back to their residence. During the course of the evening he’d confessed to his newfound friends that he was nursing a broken heart after a girl he’d hoped to marry had decided to marry somebody else. His name, he told them, was Sipho, and he was a businessman involved in electrical contracting.

News travels fast, especially in a student village and sooner rather than later this bit of news reached Lumka. It confirmed Sipho had been sincere about his persistent and undying love for her, and for the first time she thought about her own feelings in a deep and honest way. Her future with Joe had seemed so clear at first. So why was she not sure any more?

Why had her world turned a murky grey when it had been crisp and clear, black and white? Why did she not feel joy and happiness when she thought about her wedding and her future life with Joe?

Was Nomhle right? Did she have secret, undeclared feelings for Sipho? If she did, maybe they’d explain why she’d felt insanely jealous when a fellow student had told Nomhle she had designs on Sipho if Lumka wasn’t interested in him.

As was the African tradition, there came a point at which the families and relatives of the bridal couple took over the planning and preparation of the wedding, which then became a village function.

What would everyone think of the thoughts that had been occupying Lumka’s mind lately?

Lumka spent many nights thinking about Joe and her love for him. But she also considered these new and strange feelings that had filled her chest and confused her mind.

 To be continued...

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