Lovesick Prince (5/5)

By Drum Digital
20 February 2015

Lumka was engaged to Joe and not interested in Sipho’s persistent declarations of love. Or was she?

She took to locking herself in her room, wearing her pyjamas and playing John Legend music all day long. All she did was think, think, think. And cry. At night, alone in her bed, she sobbed herself to sleep.

She couldn’t hide her change of heart from Joe. And one day he confronted her outside her home. “Your enthusiasm for our wedding seems to be fading more and more every day. What’s the problem?” It was the moment she’d been dreading most. She knew the time had come. She had to be brave – and honest. “I’m so sorry, Joe, but I can’t go through with it. Please forgive me!”

She sobbed loudly as Joe grabbed her by the shoulders and shouted, “Why not? Have you been unfaithful? Tell me.” “No. It’s just that I’m very confused about how I feel about you and about the wedding.

Please forgive me but I can’t marry you.” Overwhelmed by emotion, Lumka sobbed even louder, pulled away from Joe’s grip, ran inside the house and locked the door. Shocked and hurt, Joe got into his car and drove straight home. His family was devastated  and angry and announced to everyone the wedding was off. Lumka’s parents were confused.

They tried to talk to their daughter but they couldn’t get her to explain what was going on. Finally they gave up trying, resigning themselves to the surprising turn of events by saying it was better to cancel a wedding than to go through with it for the sake of other people. They vowed to support their daughter through this disturbing period in her life.

Three months passed. Then, one day, as Sipho was arriving home, he saw a beautiful young girl at his gate. His heart started to beat rapidly and he almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

The girl at the gate was Lumka.

She was waiting for her funky urban prince.

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