Lucas Sithole has his eye on number 1 prize

By Drum Digital
01 May 2014

Lucas Sithole’s fighting spirit has continued to lead him to heights most can only dream of.

He survived a tragic train accident which left him without legs and a right arm at the tender age of 12 and

South Africa’s number 1 quadriplegic tennis player and number 2 in the world, Lucas plans to win the title of number 1 this year.

David Wagner, American quad tennis player and world number 1, is Lucas Sithole’s main obstacle in this pursuit.

They will have their final clash in this week’s SA Open at Ellis Park.

The SA Open finals will take place at 9am, following an intense semi-final on Friday May 2 also at 9am.

Sarah Hunter, a close friend of David, says Lucas has what it takes to win: “He is an amputee, so this gives him quite an advantage.”

Unlike most quad tennis players, Lucas also has greater upper body strength and the ability to change grip of the tennis racket. His body is also able to hydrate itself through sweating, a key benefit many other players don’t have due to their disability.

This doesn’t mean Lucas will have it easy in his fight for number one.

David is known for his eye for strategy and “silky touch”.

“He watches players like Federer and Nadal just to see their strategy and how they build a point,” Sarah says.

With a hefty 962 points between Lucas and his desired number 1 spot, this week’s tournament is set to be one for the history books.

-By Sibusisiwe Nyanda

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