Lupita Nyong’o snubs Terry Pheto

By Drum Digital
24 July 2014

Terry Pheto and Lupita Nyong’o used to be on talking terms, but not anymore.

Apparently this happened after Lupita won her best supporting actress Oscar for her breakout role in 12 Years A Slave.

The Kenyan actress was in talks with Terry to play the lead in a movie that Terry is producing. They used to correspond on email and the correspondence stopped after the Oscar win.

According to reports when contacted for comment about the speculation Terry’s agent Wesley Mark and her manager Busi Sizani didn’t quite agree on what exactly happened.

Busi said Terry didn’t even know Lupita while Wesley said the pair did indeed email each other. The movie is being produced by Leading Lady Productions a company owned by Terry. The film release dates are not finalised.

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