Luthando goes live

By Drum Digital
04 June 2012

Gift of the gab. Check. A likeable, TV-friendly face? Check. A naughty pout and legs that go on forever to excite the paparazzi when she starts doing red carpet appearances? You bet!

She’s simply got the whole package. But there’s more to Luthando Shosha, aka LootLove, than what first impressions may suggest. She’s witty, friendly and as warm as they come. What’s more, she’s humble to a fault, which is the antithesis of celebrity.So we figure the only thing missing is a few airs and graces to show she’s a girl who’s just hit the big time. And maybe a trendy, pricey Brazilian weave to rival all her fellow TV presenters’.

“Wouldn’t that be great?” she laughs.

“I figure I can put on airs and graces and throw in a bit of a diva attitude, but what’s that going to earn me other than the hatred of those around me?

“i hit the big time because of the chilled person I am. Suddenly behaving as though I’m cooler than everyone else just because i won a competition won’t get me far. As for weaves, I’m good with my hair as it is. I’m a relaxed hair and braids kind of girl.”

it’s only been a couple of months since the presenter first appeared on SABC1’s music show Live to slog it out with scores of other young hopefuls for the top job. Today the 23-year-old has all the bragging rights after triumphing in the fierce nationwide search for a new presenter.

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