Mabala Noise hits back: Riky is still part of Mabala

By Drum Digital
13 March 2017

He is still very much part of Mabala Noise- Mabala Representative

A few hours ago rapper Riky Rick said he wass no longer with Mabala Noise, but Mabala Noise's Head of Communication Mhlo Gumedesays the rapper is still under the record label.

“I don’t know what Riky Rick is saying on social media, that’s his own thing.  We have a long standing contract with Riky Rick still in place. He is still very much part of Mabala Noise,” Mhlo explained to Sowetan Live

“Remember we have a contract in place? If you are asking me if the contract has been terminated or there is an amicable split between Riky Rick and the company where we sat down and discussed him leaving, the answer is no there has not been those sort of talks. We have a contract with Riky Rick that is still very much in place," he added.

Riky signed a contract with Mabala in June 2016, and with all this drama we wonder how it will turn out.

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