Mabala Noise staff in money embezzlement saga

By Qhama Dayile
14 July 2017

I did a great job at Mabala, says Mhlo

Mabala Noise recently released a statement stating that they have fired their Media Liaison Officer and Zandi Khumalo’s husband [Kelly Khumalo’s sister] Mhlo Gumede due to unforeseen circumstances. “It is alleged that Gumede has been extorting monies from up and coming musicians with the promise to give them recording deals. He has also been embezzling money from the company, thus the company has pursued criminal charges against Gumede,” the released said.

Mhlo who has been employed at Mabala Noise since it’s inception a year and a half ago says he has never handled Mabala Noise money and it is impossible for him to have embezzled money from the company. “I don’t even have the company’s banking details for me to have stolen from the company. I was in charge of PR, Marketing, and grooming talent - not signing artists. I was in no position of sign new artists so how can I promise anyone deals,” says Mhlo.

Mhlo says he had already been working on an exit for two months, even before DJ Bongz left the company. “I was on my way out of the company anyway because of a few disagreement. I’m not the first person to be unhappy there and I'm, not the last one but I have agreed with Reggie Nkabinde to not go into detail about our disagreements and I will keep my word,” Mhlo added.

Mhlo says he doesn’t care whether the press release makes him look bad but he is happy with the work he did at Mabala Noise, he changed many young people’s lives and he has no regrets. “Apart from our disagreements, I know I did a great job at Mabala Noise. Every journey comes to an end,” he says.

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