Macufe Festival

By Drum Digital
08 October 2010

The annual Macufe Festival rolls around once again in the City of Roses and apart from all the great music and theatre, this year one of the highlights is the DStv Comedy Show. This comedy fest includes an incredible mix of fresh young talent with established comedians who perform their fun-filled, laugh-a-minute stand-up at the Sand du Plessis Theatre. We stole a few moments with the guys who’re making Bloemfontein smile right now.


Age: 33

First started: His career as a professional funnyman began in 2004, and his most memorable gig to date has been performing alongside American superstar comedian Chris Rock at Comedy Underground in Melville, Jozi. Since then he’s performed all over SA as well as in Washington DC, London and various neighbouring African countries. Back home he’s played everywhere from the Soweto Comedy Festival and Blacks Only to TV stints on Zola 7 and Spirit Sundae. But when he’s not on stage, he’s developing new talent with his Nubreed School of Comedy. And he’s pushing the boundaries with a form of comedy all of his own – gospel comedy.

Where else have you seen him: He writes a monthly humour column for’s in-flight magazine and he’s a regular at Parkers Comedy and Jive club at Montecasino.

The lamest joke I’ve ever told: I told the lamest joke when I said I went to Pick ‘n Pay and all I saw were things with no names. I admit that was lame but it can get laughs out of people depending on their mood.

If I weren’t a comedian I would be: An astronaut. I’m sure I could save a couple of bucks in a few years time to pay for a trip to the moon.

One thing people don’t know about me: I can’t swim.


Age: 27

First started: He’s been in the industry for eight years and performed at every big comedy festival in the country. He had humble beginnings performing at Cape Comedy Collective while he was still at school and rose to fame with SABC1’s Safta-nominated Pure Monate Show. He also landed roles on SABC3’s Comedy Showcase, and Backstage and opened for international comedians Russell Peters and Sugar Sammy. He then had a cameo role in the movie Bunny Chow which featured fellow comedian Kagiso Lediga and Joey Rasdien.

Where else have you seen him: He co-hosted a comedy show with Pieter Dirk-Uys called Dinner with the President, and is now host for Wednesday Late Nite news bulletin with Jason Cope and Riaad Moosa. It’s described by e-tv as “a very professional structure, set in a formal news studio, the latest news is interspersed with non-stop tongue-in-cheek one-liners offering viewers a hilarious take on current political and international stories.”

The lamest joke I’ve ever told: I don’t know – I never do lame jokes!

If I weren’t a comedian I would be: Probably a soccer player – but a star player – not just the usual.

One thing people don’t know about me: That I’m probably the most humble person around. People often think I’m arrogant. And also that I’m a hippie at heart.

TOL MO (Mongezi Ngcobondwane)

Age: 24

First started: It all began when he took a chance at an open mic session at The Blues Room in Jozi and people begged him for more. He’s been in the industry for four years now and was spotted by Takunda Bimha from Podium: The Comedy Merchants, the agent for all comedians on the Macufe list. He’s made a big impact on the comedy circle and has featured on several shows like The Homecoming Comedy Tour and the Tshwane Comedy Festival. He says he was always funny and always the one guy talking “crap”.

Where else have you seen him: Besides comedy tours and Macufe this year, not much else. But expect to see him around, this boy is funny.

The lamest joke I’ve ever told or heard: I heard a wannabe comedian say, “Black people don’t trust OUTsurance because they want to be Insured”. That was so dry man!

If I were not a comedian I would be: Probably working at a call centre as an agent. But I did get fired from my last call centre job because I kept getting personal with the callers, like asking an Indian gentleman if he prefers his chicken lemon and herb or extra hot.

One thing people don’t know about me: That I call myself Tol Mo because it stands for Totally Outrageous Laughter. And because I’m tall in all departments! Okay, sorry for the over-share.


Age: 26

First started: He began performing in 2006 and had a meteoric rise in the industry once people took notice of his stand-up skills. Today he’s probably the most well-known comedian around and performs at almost every big comedy show. He’s won Best Breakthrough Comedy Act of the Year at the SA Comedy Awards in 2008 and went on to make the cut for the international audition for US show Last Comic Standing. He’s had a role on Isidingo in 2002, has presented on YFM, and he’s hosted The Real Goboza, Axe Sweet Life and Amazing Date.

Where else have you seen him: He is everywhere! He’s the new CEO (Chief Experience Officer) for Cell C and is in every ad imaginable. He also hosts his own show on M-Net called Tonight with Trevor Noah, which features fellow Macufe stand up Eugene Khoza.


AGE: 28

First started: He doesn’t call himself a comedian, actor or even a musician - he’s an entertainer. Siyabonga Brian Radebe is that guy whose face you don’t recognise at first, but when he opens his mouth the light bulbs go on. His distinctive, animated voice has audiences in stitches – that and his ability to act out different characters. Siya’s National Diploma in Dramatic Arts from the Durban University of Technology groomed him for South Africa’s stand-up comedy industry. It’s been three years since he started performing at comedy venues such as Cool Runnings in Melville, Bambata in Centurion and The Blues Room in Sandton.

Where else have you seen him? Not only is he a comedian but he’s a talented actor and musician. Siya has acted on SABC 1 drama series, A Place Called Home, where he also wrote and performed the music.

Lamest joke I’ve ever told: I can’t think of any, but in this industry there are always lame moments.

If I weren’t a comedian I would be: A lawyer, even though my girlfriend disagrees with me, she says a taxi driver. I’m good at talking so I think I’d be a brilliant lawyer.

One thing people don’t know about me: I’m a sucker for love.


Age: 32

First started: If you’ve ever watched The Pure Monate Show, you’ll know that Kagiso is a laugh-a-minute. As well as being an actor on the comedy series, Kagiso was the brains behind the no-holds-barred show that had SABC 1 viewers in fits of laughter. Since then Kagiso has become a household name. Among his achievements was being selected as one of the international judges for the Emmy Awards. He has also become a respected social commentator which led to him being featured on the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Al Jazeera and BBC.

Where else have you seen him: Kagiso has acted in numerous local movies such as Crazy Monkeys, Footskating and District 9. However it was his role in Bunny Chow which he also produced that put him on the map as an actor. Bunny Chow became a cult movie for those who identified with its honest depiction of Mzansi.

Lamest joke I’ve ever told or heard: On radio DJ Fresh was talking about Big Brother, and obviously the listener hadn’t heard about the show, so when Fresh asked him about it, he said “My Big Brother’s name is Ernest”. It was such a funny moment. I use it in my act sometimes.

If I weren’t a comedian I would be: I’d be Julius Malema’s Personal Assistant - just for the sheer entertainment value of it.

One thing people don’t know about me: That I’m actually a woman.


Age: 28

First started: He only started out as a professional comedian two years ago and today he’s been described as a comic whizz kid and is easily one of the funniest guys in Mzansi. Eugene Khoza’s candid comedy style challenges stereotypes and breaks down boundaries. He uses vernacular to play out his characters coupled with witty dialogue. In a short career he’s already performed at Arts Alive, The Blacks Only and the Heavyweight Comedy Jam – and accomplishment most comedians only dream of.

Where else have you seen him: Presented etv’s The Axe Sweet Life with fellow comedian Trevor Noah and Countdown 2010.

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