Maintain your cornrows

By Drum Digital
17 March 2015

The easiest hair to do and maintain, has to be cornrows. Here are quick tips to help you continue maintaining.

1. Before braiding

Use oil based spray before braiding. Braid the hair damp, this will tightens as it dries.

2. Prepare for the braiding process

Place a pillow on the ground to sit on. Take breaks throughout the braiding session so that the process as less irritating as possible.

3. Washing your cornrows

Put on a net or stocking cap over the cornrows before shampooing. Wet the head thoroughly through the net or cap. Put a small amount of shampoo in the palms and mix in a bit of water. Press the palms all over the head, pressing the shampoo into the hair as much as possible.

Wait for a few minutes then rinse the shampoo from the hair. Use cool water for a couple minutes to make sure the soap is completely rinsed out.

5. Treatment

Make your own scalp exfoliator by mixing 1 teaspoon of brown sugar with 3 teaspoon of conditioner. Massage gently into the scalp in a circular motion for several minutes. Rinse or shampoo out.

6. Moisturising

Moisturise the braids as necessary or apply light spray sheen. Focus on the scalp to minimise drying and itching.

7. Extra shine

Mix one teaspoon of honey in four cups of warm water. Pour the mixture over the finished cornrows. Let the hair dry by itself/naturally, so that your hair has that wonderful sheen and scent.

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