Majakaneng water supply being fixed

By Drum Digital
15 February 2015

Six of the 12 broken water valves in Majakaneng, North West, have been repaired, the water and sanitation department said on Sunday.

One hundred household connections were being investigated for connection faults and leaks and the water's quality was being tested, the department said in a statement.

"The latest report from the first set of tests have come through and indicated that the water samples tested were clear.

"In order to be certain, the [department] has taken a second set of tests and the results thereof will indicate the readiness of the water for consumption," it said.

Two weeks ago, technicians were sent to Majakaneng to solve water supply problems in the area, after several days of violent protests during which locals demanded water and electricity.

Protesters had been demanding water there for years. During protests last year, one resident said taps had been dry since 2005.

When the unrest started on Monday, February 2, protesters looted two foreign-owned shops, set alight a bus, and barricaded parts of the N4. Seven people were arrested and would face charges including public violence and malicious damage to property.

On Sunday the department said part of the repair work involved cleaning out pipes. This resulted in the water having a high chlorine content. It urged residents not to use the water while the process was underway.

There would be a planned shutdown from April 1 to 3 for further repairs, it said.


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