Make a play area in your garage

By Drum Digital
15 June 2014

Are your kids in each other’s hair because there isn’t enough space to play inside you house? Remember, you have a room that sits empty all day – the garage.

When your kids need more space play or kick a ball around, remember there is a room in your house that sits empty all day – the garage. With a few clever manoeuvres and inexpensive storage solutions you can transform it into a safe play area for kids during the day then move the car back in at night.

Here are a few clever ideas:

Turn the back wall into a giant blackboard by painting it with Plascon blackboard paint so little artists can create their masterpieces to their hearts’ content.

Add a hook or two on which to hang items such as a radio.

Map out a volleyball court or mini tennis court on the floor with duct tape and use inflatable poles and net (available at the swimming pool section of big supermarkets for less than R100). Deflate when you need to bring the car in.

Store big toys in a hammock suspended from the rafters. Use 2,5 m shade netting (about R12,95 a metre at hardware stores and nurseries) and 2 m elasticised rope. The beauty of stretchy rope is you can pull the hammock down, fill it up with toys, let go and it will spring out of the way.

Huge soccer balls make wonderful seating in the playroom. They teach kids to sit up straight and keep their balance. Multicoloured ball can be bought from street vendors.

Tips for storage

Children should be taught to pack away toys at the end of their play session and the driver of the car must make sure the area is clear before parking the vehicle in the garage. Sturdy storage bags are perfect for use in the garage. Fill them and zip them up to contain the chaos.

Dustbins with attached lids and handles are perfect for larger items. Pack small items, such as building blocks and marbles, into brightly coloured buckets.

- Annemarie Meintjes from Visi

- Pictures: Dino Codevilla

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