Make a wall calendar

By Drum Digital
26 April 2014

Are you and your child battling to keep track of tests, assignments, sport commitments and parties? A wall calendar is just what you need!

With a painted wall calendar your child can organise all their activities, easily and inexpensively. We show you how. Pop in at Checkers for more great ideas and products


  1. Using a spirit level draw horizontal lines on a wall, spacing them 15 cm apart.
  2. Draw vertical lines to make squares.
  3. Paint the squares in various colours – use masking tape to keep the lines crisp and straight.
  4. We used Plascon Cashmere paint in various colours.
  5. For a neat finish, use two to three coats of paint. Write in the days of the week with chalk.

Another cool idea

Your child doesn’t necessarily need a desk to study at. Look for a sturdy table at second-hand stores and paint or restore it yourself.

An old table and modern chair look good together. Check the chair offers enough support so your child is comfortable while studying.

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