Make your hairstylist love you

By Drum Digital
26 October 2013

Building a good relationship with a hairstlist is best thing you could ever do for your  hair.

If you become a regular client to one stylist, the stylist will go out of their way to please you.  He or she will also become familiar with the kind of styles you like, and which are a big no no. – So no hair surprises. Your hairstylist could also come in handy when you have a hair emergency – like an event you forgot about, or if your hair got caught in the rain. A good relationship with a professional hairstylist will ensure you never have a bad hair day!

Tips to make your hairstylist love you:

- Complement him/her on a good job

- Tell him how much you appreciate him

- Nothing speaks louder than a TIP!

- Be loyal. If you want to your hairstylist to value you more th his other clients, you have to value him too.

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