Making others' dreams come true

By Drum Digital
06 October 2013

Last year I had a New Year's resolution to start my very own modeling agency... and I did!

My name is Lydia Mbayo a woman who is 31 years old. I used to work at an IT company, but always dreamt of opening a modeling agency – which is a huge contrast to what I was doing for a living.

Last year I had a New Year’s resolution to start that company. In January2013 I opened my company and the opportunities availed to me since then have just been too overwhelming.

My models, as I write to you, will be working at SA FASHION WEEK! The SA fashion week organisation can’t believe that I just started nine months ago because I do have the best models. They are on TV doing different TV commercials.

The reason I opened the agency was to build young boys’ and girls’ self-esteem and confidence, to empower them, to make their dreams of becoming models come true.

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