Man leaves false teeth at crime scene

By Drum Digital
23 June 2014

A man has been arrested after leaving his false teeth at the scene of a crime.

A heroin addict broke into a man's garage and stole his beer and ice cream before leaving his false teeth at the scene of the crime.

Justin Stansfield broke into a man's garage in Yorkshire, northern England and helped himself to a crate of beer before taking his dentures out and enjoying an ice lolly from the freezer.

But the 38-year-old heroin addict then stumbled out of the premises leaving his gnashers behind.

Garage owner Steven Pickles told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner newspaper: "The garage wasn't locked so he had sneaked in and helped himself to the beer. I reported it to police at the time and a few days later I went in the garage and found a set of false teeth down the side of the freezer."

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