Man loses 35kg to donate kidney to wife

By Drum Digital
10 April 2015

In order to save his wife's life, a man made the decision to lose weight and donate his kidney to her.

A couple from Birmingham, Alabama can look forward to spending the rest of their lives together after a decision  to lose weight literally saved their lives.

Tracy Spraggins had been living with Lupus, an autoimmune illness where normal blood cells are attacked by an overactive immune system, since the age of 6 and was nearing the end of the road.

She was in desperate need of a kidney and her only option seemed like being placed on the donor's waiting list but tests proved that her husband, PJ, was the perfect match.

Preparations for the couple's initial surgery revealed that their blood pressure was too high which meant it was too risky for doctors to perform the surgery.

The news dampened the couple's hopes but it didn't kill their will.

They made the decision to lose weight together and a year later they had lost a combined weight of 145 pounds (about 72.5 kgs) with PJ losing 70 of those pounds so his wife could receive his kidney.

A four-hour surgery saw the couple's dream of honouring 'til death do us part' come true.

Now the couple are recovering at their home in Alabama and have taken time off work for two months as per doctor's orders.

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