Man says he 'made a living by stealing at funerals' – report

By Drum Digital
07 June 2017

Stealing at funerals has an advantage, says the man

Harare - This Zimbabwean man thought he'd invented a foolproof way of making a quick buck - but it did mean stealing from the dead.

Or very nearly.

Twenty-year old Shillati Makanda of Chitungwiza told a court last week that he attended funerals in the town with the express purpose of stealing from mourners. In each case he claimed to be a relative of the deceased, reports the state-controlled Herald.

"Even if people realise that you stole from them afterwards they are reluctant to cause your arrest thinking you are a relative," Makanda was quoted as saying.

His luck ran out when he was reported by a mourner whose Samsung Note 2 he stole on May 16. He told the owner that he needed the phone to take pictures and videos of the funeral of his "uncle" -- but then he left the venue and sold the phone for 170 US, according to the report. This time the owner reported Makanda to the police and he was arrested.

"Stealing at funerals has an advantage and it is less risky," Makanda was quoted as saying.

A woman was arrested in April in Waterfalls, Harare after she tried to steal the bags containing cash offerings from the congregation of a Roman Catholic church, the tabloid H-Metro reported.

The woman had previously been arrested for stealing four handbags from members of the congregation. “I am not a bad person but my business has not been moving well these days that is why I end up stealing," H-Metro quoted Violet Jaure as saying.


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