Man to wed pet goat

By Drum Digital
07 September 2013

A 74-year-old Brazilian man is to wed his pet goat because she doesn't speak or request money

A Brazilian man is to wed his pet goat.

Aparecido Castaldo, 74, will tie the knot with the animal, Carmelita, after being in love with his four-legged friend for the past two years, and he enjoys the fact the goat is less demanding than some of his former lovers.

He said: "She doesn't speak and doesn't want money.

"Whenever someone says I am doing something wrong I reply the goat does not speak, ask for money to go shopping and doesn't get pregnant - and she can't talk."

Aparecido has fathered eight children from four different women but he has promised not to consummate his marriage to Carmelita.

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