Man worried about Standard Bank's security

By Drum Digital
29 October 2012

A businessman is worried about Standard Bank's security system, it was reported on Monday.

The Star reported that the unnamed man received an e-mailed bank statement on Tuesday, of someone who lived in Cresta.

He saw the man's account balance, his residential and postal addresses, his card and account numbers, his purchases and their locations.

The small business owner was reportedly outraged at the blatant security breach, and was concerned about the ramifications.

Standard Bank had told him the mistake was a once-off failure, and not a mass distribution error.

However, he told the newspaper he was still shaken at the possible danger to his business if he fell victim to a similar error.

"I would not want my personal information to land in someone else's hands. If that happened, that would be very bad because the person would see our revenue, our customers, and how much they were paying us. After getting that statement sent to me by mistake, I am scared that this could happen to me too," he said.

Standard Bank spokeswoman Kershia Singh told The Star that investigations showed that the businessman's e-mail address had been incorrectly linked to the wrong account.

"This was an isolated incident and Standard Bank immediately rectified the matter," she said.

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